What our clients say about us

“The opportunity to access the therapy garden has been so beneficial to me both physically and mentally. It has also given me some weekly respite as a full-time carer. It is a wonderful project.” – client

“Our happy place.” – special school students

“It’s benefitting me as well as the clients and I can see how much it is helping them.  Thank you for the opportunity.” – volunteer

This is the best time of the week” – client

“Very many thanks for all you do to make Mum’s latter years so rich” – daughter of client with dementia

“I find this place very affirming.” – volunteer

“A lovely social environment for all” – client

“At the beginning of the session, the person I was helping didn’t feel that great, and by the end of the session they felt better … what we’re doing works” – volunteer

“Working together as a team” – client

“Everyone is always really encouraging” – client