Vodafone team of 10 save our volunteers days of work and donate £300!


We were delighted to welcome ten volunteers from Vodafone to the Ridgeline garden today, who saved our volunteers 50hrs+ of work.  The team tamed the hedge,  re-roofed the sheds (one of which had its wonky roof straightened out!), repainted two sheds and lots of garden furniture, removed lots of weeds, supported some trees by new stakes, renovated part of the path, assembled some new benches ,  and even had time to sweep up some leaves at the end!

At the end of a long, hot day the garden was looking even better prepared for our major open day and Harvest Fete this Sunday afternoon.

We also received a very generous donation of £300 for some fine new garden tools.

We are sincerely grateful to Chris and the team at Vodafone!

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