There’s always something to do in the garden …

Whilst we have decided to not restart gardening sessions for the time being, there is still work going on ready for when we re-open.

Some of our raised beds are looking very sorry for themselves, so volunteer Steven has been busy at home building us replacements.  They look fantastic, and we can’t wait to see them being planted up by everyone at Ridgeline.

And while Steven’s been busy at home, volunteers Kay and Adrian have been at the garden putting their woodwork and recycling skills to good use.  We use a lot of plant pots at the garden, and it’s not always easy to find the right size.  So Kay and Adrian have built an amazing pot store behind the polytunnel, made almost entirely out of old pallets donated by a local company. And they’ve sorted out the pots too.  So next time one of us needs to fetch a pot when we’re at the garden, it will be so much easier, thanks to Kay and Adrian!

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