Sustainable gardening at Ridgeline

We’re very aware of the need to garden in as sustainable a way as possible, so here’s what we’re doing at Ridgeline :-

  • Making our own garden compost and leaf mould
  • Any commercial compost used is peat free
  • Collecting water in water butts
  • Reusing and repurposing building materials, eg pallets into compost bins; sleeper steps into raised bed edging; storage bench into herb planter
  • Reusing plastics where possible (pots, labels, compost bags)
  • Using environmentally friendly methods of pest control (eg barriers, encouraging natural predators) and weed control (hand weeding, mulching)
  • Planting chosen to attract pollinators and to flower at different times of year
  • Encouraging birds and beneficial creatures to create a natural balance
  • Developing a variety of habitats: perimeter hedge, trees, wildlife pond / area
  • Making most paths permeable and many are made from locally sourced woodchips
  • Making newspaper pots for seedlings
  • Planning the horticultural year to minimise plants bought in
  • No use of pesticides

Because at Ridgeline we know that, by looking after our planet, we’re looking after our wellbeing too!

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