Looking after ourselves!

The current situation is very challenging for us all, whether we’re worried about our health, worried about friends and family, or just fed up of the current limits we have on our everyday lives.  So we need to look after ourselves now more than ever.

At Ridgeline, we know that gardening can help our physical and mental health.  And even though we can’t garden together at the moment, we can still get growing.  There are some great resources on the internet, and our favourite is Tiny Veg Patch, set up by our friends at Food4Families.  If you have your own garden, or have a windowsill, there are lots of activities to do.  At my home, we’re looking forward to eating pea shoots we currently have growing on our windowsill!

Click here to find Tiny Veg Patch on Facebook.

Click here to find Tiny Veg Patch on Instagram.

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