Ideas for Isla?!

As you will have seen from our latest News section, we are very pleased to welcome Isla Goldsmith to Ridgeline.  If you have any new ideas, suggestions, changes to put forward, feel free to post here!  Perhaps a new activity to take place at Ridgeline?  Perhaps ways of attracting new gardeners or volunteers?

2 responses so far.

  1. Susie Rees says:

    How about appealing to Thrive for their clients to visit Ridgeline Trust with the Hort Therapists and Volunteer?(Isla I’m sure you could shed light on the feasibility of this – I see you used to work there! I started volunteering there in February…Susie

  2. Rob White says:

    How about getting the Council to plug volunteering at the Ridgeline Trust to people on the allotments waiting list. Best wishes, Rob

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