How Ridgeline and other local organisations can improve health and wellbeing

Ridgeline Trust is part of the Reading Gardening for Health and Wellbeing Network (RGfHWN). From 1st September the network is staging a week-long campaign to highlight how the services of its 12 members can improve wellbeing. The campaign comes at a time of concern among NHS mental health commissioners that there is likely to be an increase in mental health problems because of COVID-19’s impact.


Christina Hughes Nind, RGfHWN co-ordinator, said: “Gardening and nature provided a lifeline for many people during lockdown who enjoyed the physical and mental health benefits that it offers at a time of great uncertainty.
“In and around Reading, we have professional groups which are re-starting sessions that can provide opportunities for therapeutic gardening, community gardening, and getting into nature.


“With mental health problems likely to increase as COVID-19 continues, we are keen to see more GPs, social prescribing link workers and health commissioners understand how our members across the Greater Reading area can improve wellbeing and refer patients who could benefit.”


Check back on the network Facebook page each day to see information about each of the RGfHWN network member organisations – click here to go to the network Facebook page.


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