Equipment list for the new building!


We will be looking to fit out the new building with the following items early in 2013, if anyone has any unwanted items and they wish to find them a good home, please drop us a line here:
Main Room Equipment: Folding Tables // Stackable Chairs // White Board // Notice Board // Cupboards with shelves (to fit crates) // Shelves for books & trays  

Lobby: Full length cupboard (for mops/brooms etc) // Boot Store // Bench // Jacket Hooks // Cupboard (for supplies)  

Office: Seat // Filing Cabinet – Lockable Cupboard //  Bookshelf // Key Cupboard  

Toilets: Bin & Sanitary Bin // Hand Towel Holder // Loo Roll Holder // Mirror  

Main Doors: Washable Mats // Boot Scrapper  

Kitchen: Storage Units* // Double Sink* // Draining Rack // Mugs // Plates // Soup Bowls // Cutlery & Utensils // Sharp Knives // Vegetable Peelers // Washing Up Bowl // Pans // Microwave* // Cooker* // Tea Urn // Chopping Board // Serving Bowls // Utensil Holders // Tea, Coffee, Sugar Jars // Paper Towel Holder // Bin

* NB: Thanks to a very generous grant from The Prudential we hope to purchase some of items marked * with those funds.

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