Compost – in a bottle!

Did you know you can make compost in a bottle?  As we welcomed our Addington students to their first session at Ridgeline, we thought it would be great to try this out.

“All you need is a 2 litre bottle with holes in the sides, something green and brown like vegetable peelings, leaves and weed, some soil, air and water,” explained Amanda, Horticultural Therapist at Ridgeline.  “The students gathered what we needed from the garden, then filled their bottles with layers of ingredients, with some shredded paper in between.  For some of them, the best bit was spraying with water to make it nice and moist!”

The students will keep an eye on their bottles over the next few weeks, giving them the occasional stir like all the best recipes.  We’ll let you know how it turns out!

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