BBC’s Bill, luscious leeks and stupendous sunflowers

Here’s a typical Tuesday at the Ridgeline garden.

BBC Radio Berkshire’s Bill Buckley popped to chat to us again – listen out for us on his show this Friday 16th August 2019 at around 3pm.  He had another chance to enjoy the garden and hear from clients, volunteers and staff about the benefits of horticultural therapy.

There’s plenty to harvest – the yellow courgettes keep on producing, the leeks have been lifted, alongside lettuces, tomatoes, beans and plums.  It’s great that clients are able to take home some of the produce they grew from seed and nurtured until they’re ready to eat.

a small sample of today’s harvest from the garden

And the sunflowers …!  Grown from seed and planted out by our Addington School students, they’ve reached a whopping 12 feet tall.  Measuring them was something of a challenge, as you can see from the photos!  Despite the recent strong winds, they’re still standing tall, and they should still be peering down at us when the students return in September.

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